Have you been out to The Golden Grove yet?

The Central Coast’s first holistic food education service that enables families and education providers to connect, explore and learn about food and nutrition in a fun and enticing way, in the outdoors….

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Little People Nutrition

Exploring Food Together

We are passionate about nurturing the relationship children have with food.

We believe that the exposure and exploration of food, in both mealtime and non-mealtime settings, supports this relationship in a positive way.

And so, we create activities and resources to support children’s exploration of food, at home and school.

Mandy teaching kids

Nurturing food exploration in children, through stories, cooking science, music and nature


We create food education resources to support all types of learning at home and at school


Developed to inspire and empower educators and parents in their meal and menu creations

Outdoor nature and food exploration at The Golden Grove, on the Central Coast, NSW

Food and nature exploration programs

Designed for all children, families and educators, to nurture a positive relationship with food and nature.

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Children love to listen and read stories. We use story as a way to start a conversation with children about food. To initiate ideas, concepts and thoughts.

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On the Central Coast

Introducing our Foodie Nature playgroup!

Our playgroup is all about nurturing the love of food through exploring it in nature.

Children and families are invited to explore food through music, story, cooking, gardening and the arts. With a heavy dose of free, unstructured play.

We are situated at the beautiful SWAMP community garden in Tuggerah.

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The journal

In our journal we share the whats, the whys and the how tos behind eating, gardening, cooking, food science and food education.

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