Lunchbox lunchbox la la la, lunchbox lunchbox, ahhhhhh!!!!

The endless lunchbox packing is important to me, but it isn’t quite fun.

I thought I would round up a few lunchbox photos from my social media platforms to post here. It is always interesting to see a theme of what is given.

There are only a few “rules” I try to follow when packing lunchboxes.

  1. Try to use ‘nude foods’, i.e. not packaged snack products.
  2. Always include vegetables.
  3. Always include fresh fruit.
  4. Try to use leftovers as the main lunch item.
  5. Include a variety of food groups including a source of protein.

You can see below in the picture that these “rules” have been followed.

You can follow along on instagram with the #littlepeoplelunchbox