How can we all hang out a little more and explore food together?
Please check out the little tabs below. If any of them interest you, I would love to support you and the children in your life. Be that at home or at school.
For general incursions, we are based on the Central Coast of NSW so support this region, up to Lake Mac and the Newcastle area, as well as into the Northern suburbs of Sydney.
For some programs, depending on what it is, we do service other areas of Sydney, NSW and clearly Hawaii and Costa Rica.
Menu support and food education programs for early learning services, as well as my cherry pop new cooking program for primary school aged children, the whole of this great country is supported. Thank you wild internet waves.
Thanks so much for taking the time to check in on how @littlepeoplenutrition can support and serve you this love year of 2023.
Of course if there are any questions, please flick me an email
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