A special Foodie Tale video for you today about “A Little Beige Bird”

Less than 6% of the population eat the recommended serves of vegetables. This is even less with children. My purpose is not to stress you with your little ones and their vegetable intake. Although I do adamantly believe that exposure of vegetables (and fruit) in non meal time occasions, positively supports the meal time exposure. Hence why I write and perform these foodie tales.

This story has been written specifically for little people to engage and explore the idea of eating a rainbow everyday. And how eating a rainbow can help us grow strong and give us energy, just like the Little Beige Bird.

After each foodie tale,there is a practical extension of the message like this rainbow skewer.

Maybe you would like to prepare some rainbow fruits and veggies so your little one can make the skewer with me too.

If you are interested in a Foodie Tale at your preschool or childcare please check out the incursion information here.

Or of course if you would like some other simple ideas for food education cooking activities, we have some recipes here too.