I hope you enjoyed the Foodie Tale about the little beige bird. I wrote this tale specifically for little people to engage and explore the idea of eating a rainbow everyday. And how eating a rainbow can help us grow strong and give us energy, just like the little beige bird.

It is well known that the Australian population do not eat the recommended serves of vegetables. And this is even less with children. Yet it is important when talking to children about the foods they choose to eat, that it is age and developmentally appropriate. The words of healthy and unhealthy are arbitrary to a 4 year old (and can be argued confusing to a 40 year old as well).

The aim should always be about exposure to positive meal times AND non meal time food associations with a range of colourful foods. Fruits and vegetables, sure, but the range of colour is a great indicator of a variety of foods and food groups too.

The non meal time association and exposure is the main reason I create these foodie tales and these videos.

One of my favourite moments in the story is when the bird discovers his rainbow feathered wings and has the strength and energy to fly. Flap, flap, flap, glide. Beautiful.

Food education extension activities

These foodie tales are a great gateway to some hands on, practical food education activities.

Below is a simple list of ideas:

  1. Fruit and vegetable rainbow skewers, pictured above.
  2. Rainbow collages using food from a supermarket magazine or coloured paper, pictured above.
  3. Creating a rainbow fruit salad or vegetable salad laid out in the order of the rainbow song.
  4. Rainbow cones as pictured below.
  5. Listen to “Can you eat the rainbow?” by Musical Kitchen on Spotify.
  6. Creating some rainbow rice or rainbow pasta necklaces.
  7. Creating some rainbow food coloured playdough, pictured below.

If you are interested in a Foodie Tale at your preschool or childcare please check out the incursion information here.

Or of course if you would like some other simple ideas for food education activities we have some more foodie tales here or cooking with kid activities here.