I am thrilled to be announcing our second webinar, for next Thursday August 13th at 8pm.


Our last webinar was really more about getting to the crux of what food education is and demonstrating how we work that with Little People Nutrition.


And although I enjoy chatting solo, there is nothing like an actual interview. So I am looking to bring in experts in their particular field that aren’t necessarily from a background of food or education, yet of course they can be as well, but the reason for me interviewing them, complements the food education cause. Make sense?


This month, the webinar will be an interview with Alessandra Adam. Ale is a passionate holistic educator of the early years for over 15 years. She has worked in Australia, Brazil and Central America. And she is a doozy, I adore her. You can find out more about Ale on her instagram feed.


Ale is also a twice trained yoga teacher, sea lover and environmentalist and I am going to give her another category, healer. She is a grounded beautiful woman of nature and I am so excited to be talking with her next week.


We will be delving into the world of oral storytelling for the early years. You might have seen my Foodie Tales which we started filming during lockdown 1.0 in March. These foodie tales are a labour of pure love. And Ale is the person who first introduced me to this style of storytelling many moons ago.


As Ale has a solid understanding of this style of storytelling, she is the perfect person to enlighten us all as parents and educators on how we can use this style in our homes and early learning spaces.


This webinar is part of a series we are now running monthly. It is so awesome and I am so excited to share this with families and educators. If you would like to be part of it, please email me your email address at mandy@littlepeoplenutrition.com.au or DM/PM on Facebook or Instagram.

Then I will send you the link for the webinar. It will be recorded as well.


Let me know if there is an area of food education that you are interested in, or if there is anyone with this space you would like me to interview! I have a few people on my list, but always interested to know more!!!!