My Rainbow Foods: Printable Bundle


We have created My Rainbow Foods –  Printable Bundle to support educators and parents in their delivery of food education with young children.


In this bundle you will find:

🍉96 unique, coloured Illustrated Foods. There are two different size options as well (approximately 5cms or 10cms in height)

🥝 An Eat The Rainbow food rainbow (with and without food) which can be printed in A4, A3, A2 or A1, depending on how you would like to use it

🥕My Weekly Rainbow Chart: where the children can cut and paste or draw what rainbow foods they have eaten or would like to eat, each day over the week

🍉 My Daily Rainbow Plate: where the children can cut and paste or draw what rainbow foods or meal they have eaten or would like to eat

🥝 A document where Mandy suggests ways in which to use the resources and also about the importance of language when talking about food



As a nutritionist and food educator, we use the rainbow as it is a tangible, non-judgemental descriptor for a wide range of foods. Eating a rainbow gives practical language for both adults and children to talking about what foods they might like to eat. The aim is to develop an understanding and literacy around rainbow foods and including a diversity of foods and colour.

— Mandy dos Santos

Rainbow foods

These beautifully illustrated foods can be used for general play, home corner, shopping or the markets. Or they could be used for the Eat the Rainbow rainbow, My daily rainbow or My weekly rainbow. There are 96 unique foods for the children to enjoy.

My daily/weekly rainbow

These two resources give children the opportunity to see how a rainbow of food can form in a meal, over the day and over the week.

It is also important for adults to realise that a child’s nutrition is not determined from one meal time occasion or even a day. Children eat more or less depending on many factors. Often it is easier to look over a week or even month.

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