what are we all about?

Little People Nutrition is about nurturing the love of food in children, at home and at school.

What we stand for

At Little People Nutrition we believe that food nourishes our bodies. It also connects us with people – our families, friends, culture and community; as well as our environment – where food comes from and how it is raised and grown.

We believe that it is important to nurture the love of food in children. That by helping them gain a greater respect and understanding of it, will give them the opportunity to develop a healthy relationship with food, their community and the environment.

What we provide

We create resources for children, parents and educators to develop and enhance their know how and understanding of where food comes from,
how it is raised and grown, and how to cook it.

These resources are in the form of incursions, workshops, online cooking classes for kids, stories, recipes,  downloadable childcare menus, modules, and informative and interactive posts and books.

Mandy dos Santos

Mandy is a mama to 3 of her own little people.

She is also an university qualified nutritionist and food scientist. And at heart, she is a kitchen mess maker.

Working in varying roles in the world of food over the last 13 years. From inspecting mangoes from Mexico and testing oil, to knowing quite a bit about chicken. More recently, she has been involved with community groups, education providers and small businesses, consulting on nutritional issues and developing menu plan and recipes, as well as working with preschools and schools.

Mandy is passionate about children developing a positive relationship with food and that by nurturing the love and respect of food will in turn strengthen this relationship.

She is also enamoured with the stories behind food. The culture, history, language, love and geography about it.

Food is nutrition and health, but so much more!

  • BSc. Food Science and Nutrition (UNSW)
  • BA. Spanish and Latin American Studies (UNSW)
  • Grad Dip Human Nutrition (Deakin)

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