As a nutritionist I write, talk and consult on all areas of food. I also read a lot of marketing around food which is often based on fear. Eat this, don’t eat that, that food is bad, that food causes cancer, the health status of our nation, of our children, obesity at greater than 60% (for adults, 25% for kids). It is depressing.

All I want as a nutritionist, and as a mother, is for children, families and people to love food. My passion is food and people. And by bringing the two together, we can positively affect the eating behaviours of children and families in a way which is simple, practical and easily achievable.

And the family table is part of the equation.

Research time and time again shows that parental modelling is one of the most powerful tools in helping children understand and interpret the world of food and eating. That through children and parents eating together, develops and positive association with food and eating behaviours such as mindful eating.

Research also shows that the increased frequency of time at the family table, greater than 3 times a week, lead to a positive impact on their food choices including greater variety and an increased intake of fruits and vegetables. It also impacted their behaviour during meal times.

Shared family mealtimes have been associated with such diverse outcomes as reduced risk for substance abuse, promotion of language development, academic achievement, and reduced risk for paediatric obesity.


By writing a story book for children, not only do the children read of other children eating together and its benefits to their souls and their health, but the parent or reader is also reminded of its importance.

And as I mentioned about, I love people. All people around the world. And in a time of distress and divide amongst race, ethnicity, and country, children and adults should be reminded that we are all just families wanting to eat with our loved ones. We are all the same.


You can find more about the book here.