Cooking with kids  empowers them to learn and know what to feed and nourish their own little bodies as they grow.

It’s also ridiculously fun, messy and often a little chaotic.

I have been cooking with kids in a class or incursion capacity for around 5 years. I truly love it.

But there is only one of me. And I desperately want families, schools and childcares to be cooking more with children, not just muffins and cakes, but actual foods we should be eating every day.

So I am on a mission. To create resources to support this cooking with kids, for educators and parents, to make it simple and easy to get in the kitchen.

The first step, what do you need?

I carry a pretty simple box with me and most of my recipes you will find on Little People Cooking use only these simple small wares. The reason? It doesn’t have to be complicated and with little hands  we are not trying to emulate Le Cordon Bleu.

What is in it?

Smalls Bowls

I have around 40 in there, normally one per class member and then extra for ingredients in a communal capacity.

Often the children are in a rotation of play based food activities so the additional bowls are used by all.

Large bowls

I have around 5 for communal ingredients that all the children use. There is also around 5 larger plates.

Small plates

I used to have chopping boards but I find that small plates work just as well and easier to manage for children. I have around 40 of these as well. They can be also used for serving.

Spoon and tongs

I have probably around 80 spoons as you can never have enough. There are smaller ones and around 10 larger ones for communal bowls, as well as some tongs. If I need forks, I add them on the day but rarely I do.


In a classroom environment, from around 2 years of age, I have used child friendly knives. I love to use them as it gives the child confidence and builds the trust between the child and their foods as well as the child and the educator or parent.

Foost have a great first stage knife which is easy for little hands and actually cuts foods in a saw like action.  They also have a follow on knife which I have been using with older children like my 5 year old daughter. You can purchase them both from our shop.

My 8 year old uses a smaller “real” knife these days and my 5 year old with supervision as well.

The other utensils or smallwares I always have are muffin trays, baking trays, baking mats, tea towels, rubbish bags and cleaning cloths.

So get a little cooking kit together, check out some of the videos I have online here, and get cooking.