There are two themes in today’s foodie tale.

The first theme is about visiting the farmer’s market and the connection and understanding we gain from talking directly with the farmer’s and providores’ who grow, raise and create the foods we buy.

The second theme is about eating together at the family table and the joy it brings to our meals, soul and family life. It is equally as wonderful sharing our tables with our friends too. To break bread together.

Food education extension activities

To extend the learnings from the foodie tale, we have gathered some ideas and links below.


Family meal time verse

You might have heard the verse that Indi sings when she lights the candle for the meal with her friends and mother.

We come to the friendship table,

To eat, to talk, to share.

We come to the friendship table,

To enjoy delicious fare.

Does that sound familiar? Yes! You are right. I have swapped the word “family” with “friendship” from the chorus of my children’s story book “At my family table”

Perhaps you could create a verse or poem that is special to your family to say before your meal?

Kids Books

Exploring pumpkins

One of my favourite things to do, is to go hunting for seeds in my fruits and vegetables. Can you find the seeds in your pumpkin?

Did you know that you could eat them by roasting or pan frying them. Delicious.

You could also dry them in the sun and plant them in a little container with some soil. Or perhaps place them on some wet cotton wool and watch them sprout.

Seeds are amazing!

Musical Kitchen (this is the foodie music I have created with Phoebe Cormack (Registered Music Therapist and musician)) also have a beautiful song about seeds, “I’ve got a seed from my garden”. And of course the song “To Market to market” which Indi sings en route to the markets.


Sophia the Sheep had some Pumpkin Sourdough on sale at the markets. I have a scrummy and easy Pumpkin Sourdough recipe here on the site, if you would like to try it out.

Visiting your local farmer’s market

Simply have a look where your local farmer’s market is being held and go down and meet the farmers, growers and providores or YOUR local region.


If you enjoyed this foodie tale, you can find another one about A Little Beige Bird or you might also like the Happy Birthday tale

If you would like some other simple ideas for food education cooking activities, we have heaps in our childcare and family menu range.

And if you are interested in a Foodie Tale, Foodie Music or Cooking incursion at your preschool or childcare please check out the incursion information here.