The power of story, music, rhyme and language.

We know it. But do we use it enough in our practice with young children?

We adore creating little rhymes and stories to accompany our themes around food. We are messaged little videos of children singing and recreating them at home, long after the sessions have finished.

Autumn is a favourite season of mine and apples are a plenty.

At the end of last term we shared this little rhyme or song we wrote, with the children. It was a hit!

Spin spin the apples

Spin them all around.

Spin them to the sky

And spin them to the ground.

Spin them to the left,

And spin them to the right.

Spin them to the back,

And then we take a bite,



You can try getting the children to spin their little hands forwards, then pause, and spin them backwards. Away from them and towards them. Fabulous development of their bilateral reciprocal co-ordination whilst initiating a discussion about apples. Winning!


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