Time and time again I read research that supports the engagement of children with food, using their senses. This piece in particular follows a group of children until they are 7 years old, observing what happens to their reactions to the food and whether there is trial of the food.

Does this make it any less stressful for you as a parent or carer? Maybe not. Maybe it does.

What I want you to realise and appreciate from this research piece is the time. Learning about food and eating a wide variety of food, takes TIME! Like years. Not weeks. Don’t let anyone sell you a fix to “fussy eating” that will happen overnight. Because it won’t.

But with time and an essence of curiosity, exploration and patience, there will likely be change and improvement.

If it is too stressful for you, please reach out to a health professional that can support you and your family.

Or if you would like to come to one of our playgroup sessions where we explore food and nature together, we would love to meet you.

Always let me know in advance, via SMS or email if your little one is quite fussy. I will never push them to eat or interact with the food, but it is good to know before I meet them.

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