I accidentally made the yummiest veggie fuelled pasta sauce. My Lordy it’s good. I was cleaning out my crisper and voila, it created this dream boat sauce that is perfect for Summer quick dinners.

*Feeds your family for dinner and lunch.

*For a childcare you would need to multiple the ingredients by 1.5 to accommodate for 20 x 3-4 year old children to be 1 serve of veggies.

What you need is:

❤️ 1 eggplant
❤️ 2 zucchinis
❤️ 4 tomatoes
❤️ 2 large carrots
❤️ 4 cloves of garlic
❤️ 1 onion
❤️ 4 tbsp of olive oil


What you do is:

Place them all on a roasting tray and pop them in a 200 degree oven for 20-30 mins.
When cooked, bring it out and blitz it with:

❤️a large jar of tomato Passata and
❤️1 cup of water
❤️Season with some salt and pepper and OMG!

Fresh Parmesan and pasta and you will be in heaven.




These kind of simple recipes are just like the ones you will find in our menu plan range. I don’t do fancy.


I also love to use this pasta sauce as a base for lasagne or even pizza sauce.

Looking for a good pizza recipe….I have one for your here.