Foodie Tale | Water Resources


These supplementary resources have been created to support the Water | Foodie Tale video .

🥑 Audio Story
🍇 Illustrated Water | Foodie Tale eBook
🥥 Resources guide with learning outcomes

The Foodie tale stories have been created to initiate ideas, concepts and conversations about where our food comes from, how we share and prepare it in our families and communities and how it makes our bodies feel and grow.


Foodie Tale Resources

This resource is helpful for adults to understand the background and research behind why we create Foodie Tales and specifically the Water | Foodie Tale. It also encompasses the formal learning outcome links to the Australian Curriculum for both EYLF and stages E1 and 1.


Beautifully recorded audio books

Audiobook version recorded from our Water Foodie Tale. A version recorded by Mandy and kids!

❤ Plus full version of our second Foodie Tale eBook “Water”

Water Foodie Tale illustrated version

The Water | Foodie Tale illustrated story for children to read or be read to on any device. This is a shortened version of the Water Foodie Tale video story.


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© 2024 Little People Nutrition.
All rights reserved

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