Foodie Tale | Sweet Pea (eBook version)


Start collecting the first of many eBooks from our beautiful Foodie Tale illustrated stories.

The Foodie Tales are a nurturing way to initiate a conversation with children about food. We have also created other videos to deepen the knowledge around the themed ingredient, sweet peas, which you can see in our Exploring Food and Cook Together videos.

The Sweet Pea | Foodie Tale illustrated story for children to read or be read to on any device.

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Explore the simplicity and beauty of a pea

The Sweet Pea | Foodie Tale is a story about what you need to grow food in your garden. A little soil, sun, water and some magic.

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Sweet Pea Foodie Tale eBook Product 3

Join our little hero Zé and sing along

Zé is the main character in this tale and he takes us on a magical journey of love and patience with the growing of his sweet peas.

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