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These supplementary resources have been created to support the Sweet Pea | Cook Together video.

🍉 The Cook Together Recipe Cards for kids
🥝 The Main Recipe for adults
🥕 The Cook Together Activity explainer with learning outcomes

When we cook together, we compound the exploration and understanding of the foods from the initial concepts discussed in the Foodie Tales followed by our sensory and STEM exploration in our Exploring Food sections.


The recipes in the Cook together series, are created so that a child has the opportunity to be part of every step of the process. They can either cook together with Mandy while watching the video or perhaps access the downloadable recipe cards and resources.

— Mandy dos Santos

Cook Together Activity

A great resource for adults to understand the background and research behind why we created the Cook Together | Sweet Pea video. It encompasses the formal learning outcome links to the Australian Curriculum for both EYLF and stages E1 and 1.

Cook Together Sweet Pea Activity 2B
Cook Together Sweet Pea Product 5B

Beautifully designed recipe activities

The Cook Together Recipe Cards are for kids to follow along to deepen their understanding of cooking. And the Main Recipe for adults to follow.

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© 2024 Little People Nutrition.
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