Current programs

Our programs are designed to be hands, heart and head centric.

We use story, science, music, the arts, gardening, cooking and play to bring our food and nature education to life.

Find out how you can come along and enjoy some time with us.

Our philosophy for learning


Our hearts evoke our social and emotional learning


Our hands, for the practical and creative problem solving.


And then the head, the academic learning or the why

What happens at Foodie Nature Play playgroup?

Come and explore The Golden Grove garden with us. Our Foodie Nature Play is based in Tuggerah on the Central Coast, NSW. Hope to see you.

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A sweety, zesty little bite sized wonder

Come and explore our garden with us. We are growing some lovely little zesty morsels. Perfect for little fingers to pinch off and enjoy.

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A food education site, here on the Central Coast.

Our nurturing food and nature playgroup is back for term 3, 2023. We are excited to welcome the families back to the Central Coast Wetlands.

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