I hope you enjoyed the Foodie Tale about Alice and Mabel and their multicultural families, foods and lunchbox. Our culture, our family, our food, it is what makes us unique.

Although eating family foods that are different from your friends can be quite unnerving when you are at school. You don’t want to be too different. You want to be accepted, your culture as well.

So when the two little friends realise that their differences in food, family and culture actually had more similarity than they originally thought, their hearts are filled with happiness and relief.

I wrote this tale as I have a passion for people from around the world. Our differences culturally are to be celebrated and honoured and children should be encouraged to explore these beautiful differences more often.

Multicultural food is a brilliant tool to be able bridge the differences between people and children, and Alice and Mabel in the end were able to achieve that appreciation.

In regards to lunchboxes, it is also very important for teacher’s to not comment negatively on a lunchbox to a child. If there is a concern, it should be directed to the parent, not the child. A child should never feel shame or negativity around the food that bring from home.

If you need some lunchbox inspiration, you can find more here and here.

Food education extension activities

These foodie tales are a great gateway to some hands on, practical food education activities.

Below is a simple list of ideas:

  1. Ask the children about their families’ culture and their favourite dish.
  2. Get the children to bring their favourite dish into school to share, or make it at school.
  3. Read our beautiful story book “At my family table” which is about multiculturalism at the family table.
  4. Listen to “Sniff it lick it?” by Musical Kitchen on Spotify. Alice and Mabel use this story to help try their friend’s lunchbox.
  5. Create a paper collage of your favourite multicultural family dish

If you are interested in a Foodie Tale at your preschool or childcare please check out the incursion information here.

Or of course if you would like some other simple ideas for food education activities we have some more foodie tales here or cooking with kid activities here.