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Seasonal Menu Plan

Little People MenuA menu and nutrition education support program is here. Open now. Starting late February 2023.

We all want to feed our children nourishing foods, yet the relentless nature of an early learning centre workplace or young family life, saps our inspiration and time in the kitchen.

Little People Menu is here to create simple, seasonal and nourishing recipes for your children, in an early learning setting or at home.

We create the recipes, test them and support you with how to best achieve them.

We also support you through menu planning creation with online tools and hands on support.

We adamantly believe that what we eat is one component of health, but HOW we eat and model health and healthy eating, is even more important. Especially in the early years of children’s lives. Therefore, we will also have videos and online live chats to support you in the how of eating with young children.

We want you to feel confident in the kitchen, cooking for your children. And confident feeding them.

We want you to confidently support your little ones in developing a positive relationship with food.

If this sounds like something you would like to be part of, we are getting ready to start at the beginning of May, to get ready for our June menu plans.
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This is not just a recipe book!It is a menu plan / recipe guide / awesomely delicious download.We want you to feel relaxed in the kitchen and at the table.


Menu Planning

Tools to help create your own menus


Full recipes are based on 10 - 20 children


Suggested servings for different age groups.

Q & A

Live chat sessions to delve into topics around feeding and all things food for little people.

Ideas for babies

Suggested puree ideas for babies who are being introduced to solids.

Food Education Activities

Cooking and food play activities which work alongside the seasons and recipes.

Menu Alterations

Suggested menu alterations for food requirements such as gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, dairy free,
egg free and other dietary requirements

Dietary Guidelines

Recipes designed around whole foods and for the ELCs to be able to meet their dietary requirements of the “Get up and Grow” guidelines.


Videos created regularly to support common questions around the recipes and feeding little people.

Childcare Menu

The childcare menualso has:

  • Recipes can be easily multiplied to cater for additional children
  • Weekly suggested shopping list
  • Get up and grow guidelines
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Family Menu

The family menu also has:

  • Lunchbox suggestions
  • Dinner suggestions
  • Freezer friendly suggestions
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For any questions or suggestions send an email: