We have a range of online workshops and sessions now available. We have the technology, the cameras, the computers, the lights, the ACTION!

We work locally in New South Wales around the Central Coast, Sydney and Newcastle, but are often asked if we can service folk in Western Australia or Queensland or even remote New South Wales.

And now we can!


Professional Development 1-2 hours (multiple sessions offered)

We have a range of workshops which are tailored to ELC’s needs, including (but not limited to):

  • Developing Positive Eating Habits in Children in an ELC setting
  • Food education activities and how to implement them appropriately
  • Supporting fussy eaters in an ELC setting
  • Moving to a wholefood childcare menu
  • Developing a food philosophy and policy in your ELC setting


Family Nutrition Education 1-2 hours

We have a range of workshops we deliver in community settings which are transferrable to online (but not limited to):

  • Developing Positive Eating Habits in Children
  • Understanding Processed Foods
  • Fussy Eaters
  • Creating a wholefood home
  • Health without the stress
  • Supermarkets and what to look out for
  • Reducing food waste and waste in the family home


Cooking Sessions 45 mins – 2 hours

Cooking instruction and development is achievable with our online set up.

With children – 45 minutes

We run a range of incursions in person and have created online versions for little people in an ELC or home environment.

With educators – 1 hour

As part of a professional development we can create tailored menu planning workshops or we can  work through how we run our cooking incursions and how to extend the cooking into other learning outcomes.

With parents and carers 1-2 hours

We can work through some cooking areas such as:

  • Sourdough
  • Easy weeknight dinners
  • Lunchboxes
  • Prepping for the week

You also have the opportunity to record the workshop to share with the rest of your group, family or work colleagues at a later date.


Recently we have worked with Lost in Books, Lake Macquarie Council, Central Coast Council and Stacey Clare Health Coach.


If this is an area you would like some assistance, we would love to help you create the perfect online workshop or session for you and your people.

Send me an email at mandy@littlepeoplenutrition.com.au to find out more or get a quote.