I am a little excited and a bit nervous…

It has been a long time coming but for Autumn, I am soft launching an early learning centre menu and food education program, online.

Yes. Finally.

I know many of you have asked for this, and I am finally pulling my finger out.

To be honest, I don’t know what defines a soft launch, but my idea is that I am reaching out solely to my people, here and on socials. I am not going crazy, paying for marketing and creating a huge fan fare.

The reason being, is I have done this one on one of the last two years. The centres I have worked with have benefited greatly from it, but I also know through feedback, that although many schools would like to take me on, they just don’t have the budget for a private consultant.

So here goes.

If you are keen for:

  •   4-week seasonal menu plan with
  •   Morning tea, lunch and afternoon teas
  •   Recipes designed for early learning services
  •   Dietary requirements taken into consideration
  •   Based on the Australian Dietary Guidelines but with advice around certain areas that have changed (i.e., dairy and saturated fat).
  •   Weekly cook a longs
  •   Weekly seasonal food education activities (cooking/gardening/craft/songs/stories)
  •   Monthly webinars about nutrition/food education/cooking/interviews
  •   Online private social media account

Then, let us hang out more!!! As we are a go go!!!!!

Families are also welcome.  The menu plan will not be specific to your needs but there is a lot that can still be resourced and used at home. Email me at mandy@littlepeoplenutrition.com.au to talk about what it would look like for a family.


Here are few questions I thought you might have……


How much does it cost?
$99 a month.

A season is approximately 3 months and therefore the total cost is $297 for the season of Autumn.

The full $297 will need to be paid before the first week will be sent to you.


When will it start?
The first week of the menu and recipes will pop into your emails on the w.c. 27th February, 2023. Second week, 6th March. Third week, 13th March. Fourth week 20th March.


How do I find the social media group?
Once you have paid, I will send you the link. This is where I will post additional videos and photos about the recipes and food education activities. It is where we will host live webinars and cook-a-longs.


I can’t stand social media; do I have to join the group?
No of course not. The actual important information of the recipes, menus and food education activities, will all be sent to your email. The live discussions and cook a long and additional photos will be in the social media group, but the core info, via email.


What if I have children at my centre that cannot have egg/gluten/dairy?
Although not all recipes can be completed converted, I will give suggestions on how the recipe can be modified for many, if not all, of the common allergens and dietary requirements. There will be other options for snacks as well that are easily freezable for children who have multiple concurrent dietary requirements.

There will be no nuts on the menu, But there will be seeds. Dairy and gluten alternatives supplied easily. Most of baked options have egg alternatives too.


How do I pay?
If you indicate you would like to come on board for the best ever, Autumn menu plan of your life! then reply to this email with the best email address you would like to receive information from and I will send you an invoice.
Then once you have paid, I will send you a link to the email address given, for the social media account. You then send me what your Instagram account name is, so I can cross check, and then we go from there.


How many staff members can have access to the social media group?
Preferably, it is best for each centre to have two. The chef and a lead educator. This way the information can be passed through the whole centre, in the kitchen and in the actual rooms.


I am an owner of three centres, can we all join?
Yes of course! If this is the case, let me know, and I can give you a discount.  I realise you could easily just share the menus, there is nothing really stopping you from doing that. But please realise I am also a professional in the food and education industry, with three children and a family to support, passionate about our industry and want to serve you. The more I am supported and trusted, including financially, the more I can serve the industry.


How much does the food cost based on your recipes?
Other early learning services that are metro based have given me feedback in the past that my menus approximately cost $2-$3 per child per day, ordered from the regular supermarkets. There is often an initial cost for some ingredients that you might not usually purchase like chia seeds or spices, but that these generally level out as the weeks go by.


Any other questions, let me know!!!!!

Closes hard this March 10th, 2023.

So if you are keen, DM me on social media or flick me an email at mandy@littlepeoplenutrition.com.au


Thanks for being here.

Cheers, Mandy