I love lunchboxes, yes I do. I love lunchboxes, how about you?

Although we are winding up to the end of term 3 (and the end of the year), there are a group of nervous parents who are anxiously thinking about lunchboxes. School lunchboxes. Because their eldest babies, their first borns, are about to start school.


It is incredibly nerve wrecking, the whole school thing. And lunchboxes can be a bit scary to start with until you and your little one find your groove.

Here at Little People Nutrition we are uber passionate about nurturing the love of food in children, and lunchboxes is one pathway we can empower and inspire parents to nourish their own children.

School lunchboxes can make up to 40% of a child’s food intake for the day. That’s why we need these lunchboxes to be as wholesome as possible, so their little bodies and brains can play and learn.

This last term my email has been pinging with enquiries about lunchbox talks for kindy school orientation. This got me thinking about my values of LPN, one of them being to always give back.

That is why we are offering the opportunity to 2 schools (or childcares) from the Central Coast greater area to have me come to their kindy orientation for a complementary 30 minute presentation about school lunchboxes.

All you need to do is get the school or childcare to email me and confirm a date and time.

The first two schools to do this, will get the presentation for FREE.

Additional details are:

  • The date needs to be in October or November 2018.
  • The location of the school needs to be in the Central Coast, Lake Macquarie Region.
  • The presentation is for 30 minutes.
  • The first 2 schools to email and confirm a date, will have this presentation for free. If you are parent, please don’t email me, get the school to.
  • The email is mandy@littlepeoplenutrition.com.au

Share this with educators, schools, parents from the Central Coast who might be interested.


You can find inspiration on lunchboxes on Instagram #littlepeoplelunchbox


Here are a few recipes off the site that might be handy for a lunchbox.



And if you are interested in other topics for paediatric or family nutrition workshops, get in touch too.