Spanish Meatballs

On top of spaghetti, all covered with cheese, I lost my poor meatballs when somebody sneezed.

Spanish meatballs might go on spaghetti or perhaps a cous cous or rice dish. Either way, they are yummy!!! And super easy to make, even for mini 3 or 4 year old hands, when you break the steps down super simply.

Try this one with your cheeky chook.

What you will need per child is:

• 3 tbs of beef mince
• 1 inch of chorizo sausage (or 2 tbs of pork mince)
• 1 /4 of garlic
• Spices and herbs if you like
• ½ tomato diced
• 4 tbs of tomato passata/ canned diced tomatoes

• Kid friendly knife (you can find one in my shop)
• Chopping board
• Spoon
• Dish for baking
• Alfoil for baking

And if you like this video, you must check out the others which are on my website. And please tag and share it with your friends so more little people can get into the kitchen too!

Skill level:Pre-school to PrimaryCurriculum:Language, HSIE, ScienceActivity time:35 minutes

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