Rice Paper Rolls

Rice paper rolls are very common in Vietnam. This recipe is not quite authentic but it does introduce children to rice paper, rice noodles, an array of colourful raw vegetables and varying sauce and protein options. A perfect recipe for children who have completed a few cooking videos as it is a little trickier to roll the wraps.

What you need per child:

?1-2 rice papers
?1/2 cup of cut up veggies
?A few leaves of herbs
?1-2tsp of sauce (soy/sweet chilli/ teriyaki sauce)
?2-3 tbs of protein (chicken, prawns, salmon, beef, lentils, tofu, tempeh)
?3-5 tbs of cooked vermicelli rice noodles.


Skill level:Primary SchoolCurriculum:HSIEActivity time:30 minutes

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© 2024 Little People Nutrition.
All rights reserved

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