It is with much excitement we release the beginnings of our second bundle all about WATER!!!


First cab off the ranks is our Water Foodie Tale.

Just a reminder on how our Foodie Education program works.

With each Foodie Tale we have:

  • the video to watch (either the adult to recreate the story, or the children)
  • the audio tale which is narrated by Mandy and her children and
  • the downloadable, beautifully illustrated book

Gah! So beautiful.

The reason why we have created the three different ways to engage with the story is to extend and develop all types of emerging literacy in the early education and early primary space.

The children can listen and read at the same time. Or watch and draw or write perhaps. You can read and they can listen. They can also re-enact the story with props as well.

Literacy comes in many forms and we want to support that through using food and the environment as the impetus and engagement.

After the Foodie tales, we believe it is important to move the children from the heart and head and into their hands. This is when we move into our Exploring Food and Cook together components of Foodie Education.  We are still working on these for Water, and will release them in the coming weeks.

Each bundle of Foodie tale, Exploring Food and Cook together, will focus around a “hero” ingredient or food. This one is Water and our previous bundle was Sweet peas.

We would love to hear how you are enjoying these food education resources so please tag us @littlepeoplenutrition on social media or even via email

Thanks for being here.