Yes we have a home. A physical home for Little People Nutrition. A patch of beautiful earth.

Incoming….The Golden Grove.

A place to come and explore food and nature together. The first outdoor food and nature education space dedicated to children.

Using the head, hearts, hands, and STEAM based exploration, we discover the world around us.

Starting humbly with the seasons, the soil, the food we grow, prepare and share together, the Golden Grove is a place to nurture the golden years of childhood.

  • We run early years programs
  • We run primary school programs
  • We run home school programs
  • We run family programs
  • We run parent programs
  • We run educator professional development programs
  • We run nature-based celebration offerings.

If it nurtures a child’s exploration of nature and food, during their golden years, then the Golden Grove is where it will happen.

The Golden Grove is based on the Central Coast, NSW. In Tuggerah, on the Central Coast Wetlands. We feel a deep honour being able to serve and support our own community, a important value of our work.

Our grove is currently being planted and slowly growing. To support us to bring it to full bloom, faster, would you consider supporting us, by either donating, buying a book or perhaps a term of playgroup or perhaps even an eco celebration offering for children. Have a look below to see what we have collated to raise some funds. All the money raised will go into building the basic infrastructure with more ease and the opportunity to launch more programs, swiftly.

Support The Golden Grove Stage 1 here

We appreciate that some families may like to donate their time, expertise or even 30 kilos of soil. All is welcome and we are so grateful. Reach out via social media or email me at:

Similarly, perhaps you would like to more formally sponsor this new child centric outdoor space. Reach out. There are so many way I am able to support you with supporting us!

Thanks for being here


Support The Golden Grove Stage 1 here