Oh my goodness! We have blocks.

And to be specific, we have Geometric Food Blocks. Eeeeekkk!!!

Marco (my husband) and I are so excited about these food blocks that we have created. Over our parenting journey we have a had a love hate relationship with toys and have kept our guards and gates up high before letting toys into the house. I always really wanted the children to actually play with them. To use their imaginations.

Probably when our youngest was born (6 years ago, waaaaaah!) was when I stumbled across the phrase of open-ended toys. Well that blew my mind and changed my view on toys completely. I could actually articulate what it was I meant when I kept telling people not to buy us random crap.

And then in the last few years, I have been exploring way to incorporate more meaningful food exposure, away from the table. And how important play and imaginary play is with children to develop their language, familiarity and literacy around meal times, food and eating.

When we explored some Japanese style blocks, the idea stole our hearts and a few months ago we got designing. And here we are.

Aren’t they beautiful? Oh my gosh I couldn’t love them anymore. And we have been so humbled and thrilled by your response.

We have two styles on offer.

The natural. Or the rainbow.

It’s funny, I love both for their own reasons. But rainbows have a special place in my heart.

We have designed and handcrafted these blocks to start a conversation around food with your little ones.

There are 7 pieces in a variety of sizes in each batch. And they are hand cut, sanded, painted in non toxic water colour paint and then finished with food safe oil and beeswax.

All of the geo foods are produced to order so will take an average of 7 days. There are drying and setting days included in that.

And because these toys are handcrafted there is  some variation in paint colour, wood colour, and small size variations may be seen. Additionally, it is normal to have some imperfections in the coating of the paint and/or for the paint to rub off between toys.

I do hope you love our Geometric food blocks as much as we have enjoyed designing and creating them for you.