I read a beautiful “poem” yesterday, written about 2020. It is by Leslie Dwight.

What if 2020 isn’t cancelled?

What if 2020 is the year we’ve been waiting for?

A year so uncomfortable, so painful, so scary, so raw-

that it finally forces us to grow.

A year that screams so loud, finay awakening us

from our ignorant slumber.

A year we finally accept the need to change.

Declare change. Work for change. Become the change.

A year we finally band together, instead of

pushing each other apart.

2020 isn’t cancelled, but rather

the most important year of all.


Isn’t it beautiful. Thank you Leslie.


And I know this is a middle class, privileged white woman, me, writing this. But it is true. So many little things have come to the forefront. Both personally and professionally. It’s been big.


And in regards to food. Oh wow! My domestic life, has been thrown upside down into an organised suburban dream. You want to hear what I have done? And how I have regained some sanity into my week? And now, saved myself around $100 a week and around 3 hours a fortnight? Hold your horses. Check in after the photo below, of me enjoying my winnings with my extended family. So happy to be back eating with them.

1. I actually stick to a menu plan…

I know, I know, I write menu plans all the time for work but I struggle with sticking to one because I might not be in the mood. With the pandemic, I was forced into it. And it is truly amazing. 3 months now of a 5 day a week menu plan, that I just adore.

I plan 5 main meals, with enough for leftovers for lunch or another night. Then we always make Sourdough Pizza on a Friday. And then my husband cooks the other night with “I don’t really care because I am not cooking”.

2. I now only shop every 2-3 weeks at the shops…

And I don’t have a deep freezer, an enormous pantry or a huge double door fridge.

Yep. I don’t even buy remarkably in bulk. But I only go to the actual shops every 2-3 weeks. And it is heaven. It means I don’t go to the mall. I don’t buy a coffee and I don’t take the kids so I don’t feel overwhelmed or feel inclined to get sushi or a smoothie afterwards.

And when I go to the shops, it is really just to go to the regular supermarket to buy pantry items likes pasta, rice, spices, milk, yoghurt, frozen fruit, canned tomatoes etc.

It’s the menu plan that guides this and makes this sustainable. And because I haven’t wanted to actually leave the house during the pandemic, if I ran out of something, there was no ducking to the shops. We just made do. And it is fine! I was fine! The KIDS WERE FINE!!!! I have to remember that, to make do more.


3. I tried Aldi…

Since March I have been shopping only every fortnight. Which has been gold. Then this week, I tried Aldi, and I saved almost $250 off my fortnightly shop. Seriously. Oh my goodness.

I don’t care for brands much so that’s fine, but as I am a “back of the pack” reader, I was aware that there is a lot more that is not made in Australia. For instance ham (which I forgot to get from Full Circle) is only 10% Australian pork. And there is no reason to not be buying Australian meat or chicken. We have a thriving industry that is regenerative and biodynamic here in Australia.

I need to look into this a bit further, but I did buy quite a bit that was Australian made. Organic too. I don’t shop completely organic but do if it’s reasonable and something I like.

4. I buy local produce weekly…

That sometimes is literally picked that morning about 15km from my house. Hands down. Amazing.

And you know, I have often bought from this wicked local group Nurtured Organics, for the last 2 years, but some weeks I had bought from the supermarket so didn’t need it. Or perhaps I really needed food on the Sunday so then bought stuff rather than getting it delivered on the Monday. I was in a weird rhythm that was. not. organised.

Their produce collective is beautiful. It is so local it is ridiculous and because it is local and so fresh it lasts for a long time if we don’t get to that particular vegetable or fruit that week.

And it is delivered. Delivery is so amazing. I love delivery.

3. I buy local meat and poultry monthly…

Which OMG I feel so bloody lucky to have. Local meat and poultry. From Full Circle farm.

They deliver also. Every fortnight, but I only buy it once a month really. We eat meat, but not heaps and heaps. But if you can get your hands on these guys’ poultry, eggs or meat. It is delicious.

They also are ridiculously responsible with their packaging. Vac packed and compostible. I know! Crazy amazing. And the insulation in their boxes is a wool natural fibre (encased in a plastic wrap) that is a waste by product. I love supporting family local business like this. Hands down, awesome.


5. Went to the fishmonger…

And bought some scrummy Australian Salmon that was so fresh he said I could eat is as sashimi if I felt. Always fabulous to buy from the professionals who know their product.



Have you changed any of your shopping habits after this pandemic?



If you are interested in some other menu plans I have written for both childcares or families, you can find them here.