A beautiful shimmering silver and rainbow fish.

You might have seen this beauty recently in A Fish Tale, with Mabel and her Papa Carlos. She really is a beautiful fish and today, I am sharing with you the template that I used to make her.

It is ridiculously simple that an older child or a non nimble adult like myself can make.

You can either stitch it, or glue it.

Please find the free felt fish template here to download.

What you will see in the template is the cut out sizes for the felt.

What you will need to create this felt fish is:

  • Varying colours of felt
  • Embroidery thread
  • Needle
  • Hot glue
  • Stuffing wool

What you will do is:

1. Cut out all the pieces of felt you would like.

2. Separate out the embroidery thread to the thickness you would like to use (I normally use 2-3 threads).

3. Using dolphin stitch, sew the heads onto the body. Here is a little video for dolphin stitch.

4.  Once the heads are on, use blanket stitch to sew the body together, leaving a gap to stuff it with some fluff. Here is a little video on how to do blanket stitch.

5. After the fishy has been stuffed, sew it up.

6. Glue the eyes and scales on using hot glue.


You will see there is a little paper clip at the top as I was thinking of using a magnet on the end of a line for the fishing rod, so Mabel would actually “catch” the fish ( you could totally do this for your kiddies as a fishing game!) but then found it all a little tricky handling it while telling the story.


You could also make this fish out of paper or cardboard too. It would be very pretty with a base of alfoil to shimmer in the light.


For some more rainbow ideas, or perhaps a tale about how powerful rainbow foods are, head over to this Foodie tale.

Or perhaps you might like some naturally coloured rainbow playdough! They would be fun on a cardboard fish template.