As part of the Little People Menu program, each week you receive a dedicated video, spoken to children (so they can watch it too) incorporating a broad range of food education activities.

I wanted to share with you below, a little video that will be sent in the week 2 content. A little cooking with kids session, making apple donuts.

With these videos, you also receive a lesson plan that links to the EYLF as well as how much of each utensil or ingredient you need to cook with 1/10/20 children.

I hope you enjoy this little video, as much as I did creating it.

And just a reminder if you are interested in joining the Little People Menu program. It includes:

  •  52 recipes (20 mains, 32 snacks)
  •   4-week seasonal menu plan
  •   Recipes designed for early learning services
  •   Dietary requirements taken into consideration
  •   Based on the Australian Dietary Guidelines but with advice around certain areas that have changed (i.e., dairy and saturated fat).
  •   Weekly cook a longs
  •   Weekly seasonal food education activities (cooking/gardening/craft/songs/stories)
  •   Monthly webinars about nutrition/food education/cooking/interviews
  •   Online private social media account

Families are also welcome.  The menu plan will not be specific to your needs but there is a lot that can still be resourced and used at home. Email me at to talk about what it would look like for a family, as it is a different price point.


Thanks for being here,