It was so rad chatting with Phoebe Cormack from Phoebe’s Musical Chairs this month.

Phoebe is a dear friend of mine but she is also a very passionate and inspiring Music therapist, musician, vocalist and food lover.

She has worked with a diverse group of abilities in her career. From early beginnings at Bear Cottage, paediatric palliative care, through to ukulele groups with Mums, to preschool groups, to year 12 HSC vocalists. Phoebe loves music and its power to connect artistically and of course deeper.


In today’s chat we talk about:

  • Where Phoebe’s passion for music came from
  • The power of living and transforming before making further professional plans
  • The links of neuroscience and their findings with music
  • The vibrational energy of music
  • How music helps with the rhythm and routine of the day
  • Why your child doesn’t need to be learning the play the piano at 3 years of age
  • What Phoebe hopes for with music therapy and education for children and the community.


Please see the interview above. I ramble a little at the beginning, so skip to 2:30minutes.

Next month our Foodie Chat will be with Erin Bear from Curious Cubs an interactive science program for young children.

Erin is a passionate educator, science communicator and all round epic human. I am humbled to work alongside many moons ago when I use to live in Newcastle, and in the last few years with some activations we were both part of.

Watching her business of Curious Cubs grow and flourish, is simply beautiful to watch and makes me so excited for science, children, education and of course Erin.

You can see more about Erin and Curious Cubs here and here.



Thanks for being here.