What a beautiful morning chatting with Cheralyn Darcey. Author, radio presenter, columnist, gardener, passionate artist and environmentalist, flower lover, and co-founding garden curator at SWAMP community garden.

The list goes on.

Basically, she is just one bubbling champion of plants, botany, gardens and community. And I adore her.

In this chat we talk about:

  • Cheralyn’s childhood and upbringing and how she developed a love for the garden and plants.
  • What ethnobotany is and the power of the word today.
  • The hashtag of #whencommunitygardens and what that means to Cheralyn.
  • If you don’t consider yourself a green thumb, what could you do, today, to start gardening.
  • What she is planting and harvesting right now.

To read, learn and find more about Cheralyn please see her:

Website and

Facebook page


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