Yes! Yes! Yes! We managed to film and save, with audio, and images, the chat with Ale Adam last week. And here it is!!!

Well up there, above this. Click to watch our Foodie Chat.


During this chat, we talked about:

  •  How Ale became enamoured with storytelling as a young teacher
  • How she was inspired by storytelling groups
  • How she stumbled on Steiner education and storytelling
  • The importance of setting up the storytelling space
  • The importance of using what you have for the stories, even natural elements to represent characters
  • The use of repetition to move a child through the head, to the heart and then to the hands.
  • How storytelling can be as simple as a few minutes for little bubbas and slowly building up to 5-10 minutes for older preschoolers.
  • The joy of intention as a storyteller
  • The joy of learning more about the topic as a story creator
  • The magic of a story and its ability to be therapeutic.

You can find out more about Ale on her instagram feed.


And if you interested in some of our Foodie Tales, which is my form of oral storytelling, you can see some below. I adore them so much.

Next month our Foodie Chat will be with Anya Bell. She is a professional childcare chef and nutrition advisor for Nurture Learning ELCs in New Zealand. Anya creates drool worthy food with a fierce understanding and love for creating an eating environment that is positive for little ones. She is rad and you will love her.

To find our more about Anya, check out her instagram page here


Thanks for being here.