What we stand for

At Little People Nutrition we believe that food nourishes our bodies. It also connects us with people – our families, friends, culture and community; as well as our environment – where food comes from and how it is raised and grown.

We believe that it is important to nurture the love of food in children. That by helping them gain a greater respect and understanding of it, will give them the opportunity to develop a healthy relationship with food, their community and the environment.

Why we are unique

The differences with our Sydney based incursions are:

  • every single child participates in every single step of the activity.
  • we use cooking as the engagement piece to discuss food education from a holistic perspective, including nutrition, the environment and culture.
  • all the activities are linked to key curriculum learnings and outcomes.

What we do

Each incursion can be tailored to the group more specifically but an example of what would happen in a 45-60 minute session:

  • Welcome circle and discussion
  • The option of watching a video together of the cooking
  • A drawing and activity sheet based on the class with the recipe included
  • Cooking and food preparation of the recipe
  • Story time and further food education discussion with sensory ingredient investigation
  • Eat!

More info

  • There is a minimum of 12children and a maximum of 25 for each session, although successive sessions can be booked.
  • Multiple classes can be included throughout the day with different classes or with varied content.
  • The support of the centre’s educators would be greatly appreciated in the rotation of activities.


We can also accommodate any specific requirements or training sessions in the food education and nutrition space with educators and parents.


Please email at mandy@littlepeoplenutrition.com.au to discuss further and work out a packaged that works best for your school or centre.