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The first SeasonalLittle People Childcare Menu

Many families have their children in 5 days of childcare for a myriad of reasons. This is not a guilt trip about working parents, it is reality.And so, we need to make sure that our children are exposed to nutrient dense whole food menus, Every-Single-Day.Not just at home but at childcare too.

Childcare centres are under immense pressure administratively and from a budgetary point of view.They are time poor and like most educators, working beyond their scheduled hours.This LPN childcare resource is designed to take the guess work out of the kitchen. To assist the educators and cooks, inspire and empower them to make the best choices in nutrition and menus as well as the extension of food education.

This is not a recipe book!It is a menu plan / recipe guide / awesomely delicious program.And we will be supporting you for the whole 3 months.


23rd November - 1st content drop for week 1 and 2
26th November - 1st FB live
2nd December - 2nd FB live
3rd December - Scheduled Day 1 of cooking
5th December - 3rd FB live mid week
6th December - 1st video
9th December - 2nd content drop for week 3 and 4

We will be with you for the whole three months of the program but more intensely for the first month.
Once you have mastered the menu our focus will shift to supporting you and your centre to create a nurturing environment for eating and food education, so that the children develop a positive relationship with food.


Each seasonal menu will contain:

Month Menu

4 weeks of seasonal menu with morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.


Full recipes based on a standard 20 child serves (easily multiplied based on how many rooms you have).

Dietary Guidelines

Recipes and menus designed around the Australian Dietary Guidelines and “Get up and Grow” guidelines.

Shopping List

Weekly suggested shopping list.


Suggested servings for different age groups.

Ideas for babies

Suggested puree ideas for babies who are being introduced to solids.


Live webinars to guide your centre through the whole program.


Cooking and food play activities which work alongside the menu.


Videos to assist in understanding and cooking the menu and how best to serve it.

Menu Alterations

Suggested menu alterations for food requirements such as gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, halal, dairy free, egg free and other intolerances.

Group Discussion

Closed group discussions amongst childcare cooks and educators as well as live sessions with Little People Nutrition.


And so much more by being part of an ever growing community of parents and educators.

We are so excited and passionate about this resource!Program starts on the 23rd November.There are LIMITED spots, so secure yours now.

— Mandy dos Santos

Only $29.95 for the whole 3 months

Buy Now

Spots are LIMITED and the Menu Program will be closed once it is full.

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