The Newsletter, our newsletter, is an evolving space. And one we would like to actually use to serve the folk who are engaged in the world of food, with children.

One of my core values with Little People Nutrition, is to help and to empower. The educators and families out there, involved with food and little people.

We have designed food education resources, menus and regularly run incursions and programs, but of course, some of you, might have a different need.

And this is where we see our newsletter coming in.


Do you have a question? A question for a nutritionist, food scientist, educator, author, foodie lover?



Because your question is most definitely someone else’s too!


Then each newsletter, I will answer one of the questions asked, just for the newsletter signed up folk.


What kind of question?

  • Food safety?
  • Fussy eater?
  • Menu planning?
  • Additives?
  • Cooking ideas?
  • Recipe creation?
  • Product development?
  • Writing a book?
  • Creating stories?
  • Engaging in food education ideas?

Truly, any question you have that you think my experience would be valuable for, then please ask.


Sign up to the newsletter at the bottom of the page, or write me an email at or on socials and ask me a question. The next newsletter will head out early next week once school goes back.