The humble bickie.
One of the easiest ways I find to cook is to have base recipes which I can then build and tweak depending on what is in the cupboard.
Today I introduce the Base Bickie. A simple base biscuit recipe. Perfect for a lunchbox, after school snack or perhaps even a birthday party


The Humble Base Bickie

What you need is:

? 1 1/2 cups of flour (regular, spelt, wholemeal, whatevs)
? 1/2 cup of oats (or coconut. Think fibre)

? 4tbs of sugar/honey/maple
? 125-150g butter/coconut oil (this depends on flour used and moisture absorption of it)

Then decorate with seeds or chopped dates, jam, smarties, sprinkles (which are life!), sultanas, whatever you like. You can mix them in or pop them on. Those red ones are raspberry chia jam. Oh my (raspberry chia jam is literally chia seeds mix with mushed raspberries and maybe a hint of honey).


What you do is:

Mix all the ingredients together until a well mixed dough. If it is a little crumbly you could add a little milk or water.

Roll little golf sized balls and lay them on a tray. Squash them flat and top.

Bake in a 150 degree C oven for 10 ish minutes. Leave to cool and harden up before eating.

And try not to eat the whole batch. Good luck on that one.

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