It has been an amazing, sweaty, hardworking, ridiculously rewarding 5 months building The Golden Grove. The first food education site,  here on the Central Coast. 

I wanted to share here, on our own little corner of the internet, some of the photos, highlighting the journey from a patch of grass, to this…..

We have built the first layer of our own, outdoor, food education service that enables families and education providers to connect, explore and learn about food and nutrition in a fun way.

We use stories, music, science, the arts, design and technology, cooking and gardening to connect to each other, our environment, and ultimately food.

It is the best and we are having such a rad time with the kids.

It is almost a little bit trivial trying to pick the photos that represent what has become at The Grove.

I have been using some words recently that are helping me articulate the feeling of the site.

Connection. Exploration. Education.

They feel powerful to me and purposeful and tangible. I do feel they represent what is happening.

For 2024, there is a bit planned…..eeep!

In particular if you are thinking of coming to a session we are running our regular Foodie Nature Play playgroup (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays). Mondays are our younger home school group (4-6 year olds) and our older home school group is on Wednesday arvos.

All of these (besides our older home school group) are bookable on our bookwhen site.

Book in here

We are also working on our packaged for preschools and schools for excursions.

And getting our online resources out, for educators and families.

If you have any specific questions that aren’t answered in the booking link above, please reach out via email,


Thanks for being here,