A Fish Tale was such a joy to write and create. I hope you and your little ones enjoyed it. It was Papa Carlos’ first foodie tale, and so wonderful to introduce the relationship between he and his daughter Mabel.

I love using these Foodie Tales as a way to initiate a conversation with little people about food. In a way which is age appropriate for the early years and early primary.

This tale draws on the three principles of what we believe is food education.

  • People and family connection around food
  • The environment and how it affects the growth of our food
  • Nutrition and the connection of cooking freshly caught food for your family.


You might also like the little verse that Mabel said at the end of the tale to give thanks for the fish she caught.


” To the deepest of blues,

To the lakes,

To the rivers,

And to the oceans.

With gratitude.

Thank you for providing a healthy home for this being,

And now a meal for my family.”


There are many ideas that could be used to extend the learnings around A Fish Tale. I will add to these as time goes by.

  1. Use the fish template to create a soft rainbow fish (or cardboard fish)
  2. Print out of the school of rainbow fish
  3. Make a fish pie
  4. Talk about how you can keep the lakes and oceans healthy for our fish.

If you are interested in a Foodie Tale at your preschool or childcare please check out the incursion information here.

Or of course if you would like some other simple ideas for food education activities we have some more foodie tales here or cooking with kid activities here.